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MIHRD is one of the biggest training firms in Egypt and the Arab Region. Its accumulated experience of more than 10 years and a commitment to its key values to strive for customer satisfaction, employee motivation, innovation strength, and successful partnership in everything the company does, has positioned MIHRD as a unique and desired training firm for the international and regional most reputable companies either in-house or out-house training.

MIHRD ensures its consistency and long term growth through a solid-based strategic planning. MIHRD enables its stakeholders to more successful plans and manage their Human assets through the provision of advanced skills, technologies and system solutions.

MIHRD’s environmental services grew to cover a wider scope of financial services. The majority of the projects, services, and experience are offered in Egypt and the Middle East directly or as a representative to American and European companies. The effectiveness, creativity, and credibility of MIHRD lies in its ability to link best practices and technologies to clients needs using an integrated approach to development, management, finance and usage of resources. Our work starts with an assessment of clients needs within the broader framework and is then followed by implementation.

MIHRD learning systems uses proven, highly interactive participatory sessions and practical techniques that offer discernable behavioral change that can be applied immediately in the workplace.

To provide a constantly challenging and innovative knowledge environment, a variety of learning tools are utilized in seminar delivery. Self-assessment tools, instruments, videos, simulations, role-plays, breakout sessions, group discussions and other stimulating adult learning methodologies compliment seminar material and promote better retention of seminar content.
In order to facilitate knowledge transfer, MIHRD feels it is important to acknowledge the specific needs of adult learners. With respect to adult learning, we feel the following principles hold true: Adults must have a reason to learn and a motivational program. MIHRD’s team will work with your organization to develop the best curriculum that is applicable to your employees through:

  • MIHRD’s team will work with your organization to develop the best curriculum that is applicable to your employees (I think organization is a better word)
  • MIHRD incorporates a high level of interactivity during delivery in order to gauge the transfer of learning
  • MIHRD’s facilitators are adept at incorporating examples and information so that learners will have a relevant frame of reference
  • Applicable case examples and opportunities for knowledge retention tests are incorporated into each seminar delivery
  • Utilizing a variety of teaching methods (accelerated learning, group work, individual exercises, encouraging participation) during delivery allows us to stay true to the content while maximizing the experience for all learners
  • MIHRD uses facilitators who are adept at listening effectively, and who understand the psychology of evaluative and reinforcing feedback
  • A relaxed environment created by MIHRD’s facilitator to allow these learners to feel at ease and become more open to learning experience
  • This is a fundamental tenet that is reinforced by MIHRD’s program facilitator through establishing an atmosphere of mutual respect for all those involved
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