Executive Professional Diplomas

Our curriculum is essential in the workplace as well as the classroom and is incorporated into the experience of every student and every faculty member.  It is regularly updated to reflect the latest proven concepts, methods and practices.

The consortium at MIHRD will in collaboration with the following universities:

  • Tulane University
  • University of Ain Shams
  • Cairo University Open Learning Center

The Executive diploma (certificates) programs will consist of up to 6 courses each, implemented over a nine-month period, serving the dual purpose of enabling the participant to receive the diploma, as well as applying the courses which comprise it towards an eventual Masters degree.

Moreover, the success of such a venture could present further opportunities such as shared PhD programs, building a Tulane educational facility in Cairo, and joint research projects between Tulane faculty and Egyptian faculties from both Ain Shams and Cairo Universities and hopefully more universities in the near future.

The growing enterprise will enable the development of several educational opportunities such as introducing additional diplomas in Cairo, and extending the offer of these diplomas to places such as Dubai and other countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

MIHRD offers two specialized professional diplomas in partnership with Ain Shams University and Cairo University as follows:

  • Oil, Gas, and Energy Management Professional Diploma
  • Occupational Therapy Professional Diploma
» Oil, Gas, and Energy Management Professional Diploma
Weekend courses will be offered once per month (20 hours + Study Case) in association with Cairo University, Egypt, and Tulane University, U.S.A; Graduates will be certified by both respected Universities. 
May 2010
The energy sector is facing some of its most profound changes.
Global competition is forcing all organizations to concentrate on developing strong management competencies. This diploma encompasses 6 courses as follows:

1. Financial Decision Making: Oil & Gas Context
2. Oil and Gas Insurance & Risk Management
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