Arabic for Non-Native Speakers

Needs & Requirements of non-native Speakers
Recently, Arabic has become a very interesting subject for a lot of non-native speakers. Arabic language is as very unique language with regard to its structure and linguistics; hence, designing a program that fits the non-native speakers is very crucial to the language learning process. In order to achieve the required goal of teaching Arabic to non-native Speakers special care should be given to setting the educational content.

Determining the Educational Content
An overview of the main & sub themes is to be outlined with aid of Experts in Arabic, English, continued learning and Educational Technology. Available, will also be a complete list of books and resources that will be used in enhancing and developing the reading, writing, listening and conversational skills of the students.

The Layout of Each level
There are three main Educational Levels:

  • Reading and writing Arabic letters and words
  • Simple grammatical structures
  • Conversation

Duration of each level is 3 months and compromised of:

  • Teaching & learning letters, words, constant letters, vowels, associating words to pictures.
  • Teaching & learning speech parts (nouns, verbs, articles) as well as their different types, usages, and tenses.
  • Teaching & learning the students how to interact in day to day activities by using situational conversations  such as in the restaurant, market, pharmacy and at home.


Utilizing the Internet
These various functions of the internet could be utilized via adding the following options & services to the website:

  • Messages
  • Bulletin Board
  • Chat Rooms
  • Calendar
  • Users Subscriptions
  • Groups formation
  • Digital Library
  • Video Conferencing

Methods of Evaluation
Evaluation is a very important step in order to assess the students’ abilities to learn and comprehend.
There are various evaluation techniques that could be adopted to evaluate the students’ capacity to learn and comprehend. The most common methods are exams, assignments and case studies. All of these could be conducted also on line.

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