Our Philosophy
Misr International for Human Resource Development & Studies (MIHRD) is an Egyptian Joint Stock Company established under law No 159 for the year 1981. The company’s innovative inception is based on a philosophy of utilizing its resources and capabilities as well as the international strategic partners to provide a unique learning experience to all its clients as well as providing prestigious professional consultancy services.

Our goal at MIHRD is to provide professional consultancy, continued education programs as well as professional certificates in various fields of knowledge. MIHRD in its quest to achieve this goal sought and shall continue to seek the partnership of prestigious universities such as Cairo University, Ain Shams University as well as Tulane University, New Orleans Louisiana, USA. MIHRD aims at excelling in providing our clients with the education they aspire.

MIHRD believes it has a special commitment to support each corporate/individual’s goal. To this end, MIHRD places emphasis on the educational, professional, and personal growth of each participant. Instructors and consultants, who have been trained to implement this philosophy and purpose, are evaluated periodically and changed, as necessary, to meet the needs of the participants and the accelerated requirements of unique education.  The primary emphasis of our educational, training, and consultancy experience is on equipping participants with the applied skills and the professional and ethical perspectives necessary for success in the future career. MIHRD delivers education, training, and consultancy that are designed to prepare participants for work in the areas of Business, Management, Technology, and Human Resources.

Furthermore, MIHRD advances the research mission through the development of human capital. MIHRD delivers agency-specific training, career development programs, and customized consulting solutions to enrich learning and optimize individual, group and organizational performance.
Misr International for Human Resource Development & Studies (MIHRD) has committed itself to offer professional consultancy, training, as well as post-graduate education. Here at MIHRD we thrive to constantly assist professionals in Egypt and abroad in mastering a vast array of disciplinary knowledge and abilities so as to enable them to balance education and work in a rapidly changing world. Our graduates will demonstrate values and ethics appropriate to their discipline and engage in lifelong learning to improve their professional competence and practice.


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